The U.S. subsidiary Robert Bosch Corporation had to mark their adverts with “Bosch 

The writing was on the wall at the end of the 1930s and there was no way of avoiding it – the Bosch brand was once again expropriated in the U.S. like during the first world war. History repeated itself at the end of the second world war when Bosch companies, brands, and patents in numerous countries were once again expropriated. However, while most of these were successfully bought back elsewhere, it would be almost 40 years before Bosch could do the same in the U.S. Until then, products that Bosch sold there had to carry a special marking. Whereas products in all other countries carried the Bosch armature and logo as a symbol of the brand’s unique character, products in the U.S. had to be marked with “Bosch Germany” or “Robert Bosch”. It was only in 1983 that an agreement was reached with United Technologies Corporation. That company had purchased the expropriated brand rights in 1945, and rescinded now its rights to the brand “American Bosch”. Finally, Bosch was once again just “BOSCH” throughout the whole world.

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