To mark the 100th anniversary of Bosch-Zünder, we will be publishing blog posts on articles and topics from the magazine’s first year from September on. But this blogpost is dedicated to the first volume on this day, in March 1919.

The first edition of the first volume of Bosch’s associate newspaper Bosch-Zünder appeared in March 1919, even before the Versailles Treaty had been signed. It was named after the company’s most important product, the ignition system that made Bosch’s reputation.

The associate newspaper aimed to enable the workforce to get to know areas of the company beyond their own day-to-day working environments. It was not intended to be a newsletter for the executive management, but rather a way to help individual associates feel part of a whole.

A newspaper for all associates of Robert Bosch AG and Bosch-Metallwerke AG, Bosch-Zünder was first published in German for a workforce of 6,164. The first issue, earnest in tone, featured a look back at the war years and was dedicated to the memories of those who had perished.

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