It is Christmastime in Stuttgart, but you would never be able to tell by the weather. Instead, it is the many details here and there that reveal the true nature of the season: busy sidewalks, the fragrant aroma of mulled wine everywhere you turn, and an ice cream parlor converted for the winter into a shop full of holiday treats.

Around this time, many aspects of everyday life grind to a halt. For historians, the same goes for the events in Bosch history. In fact, only a few truly monumental events in the company’s history have ever occurred during this time of year.

Even the holiday season means work: Bosch directors oversee the testing of new products under wintry conditions in 1913/14

The quiet season usually ended in January, with the founding of new subsidiaries or the opening of new production facilities. This flurry of activity, however, had usually been quietly planned by the end of the prior year, much like this wintertime testing of new Bosch automotive technology a century ago. With market launch scheduled for January, everything needed to be just right by then.

The Wilhelmsbau in Stuttgart at Christmastime in 1954: home since September 2018 to Historical Communications, the makers of this blog, the building sported the Bosch logotype even back then.

We historians at Bosch will also be taking a break over Christmas, having spent several months of the past year moving our collections, archives, and offices to the Wilhelmsbau building in downtown Stuttgart. But we have been quietly planning something new for January: a new home for the Bosch History Blog. Starting next year, you will be able to find the blog on the Bosch website at Our new look is faster and more concise, with a new story every Monday and fascinating, unexpected stories from our company’s history.

No parking, keep it moving – especially in winter: in January 2019, the Bosch History Blog will be moving to the mother ship at, with more history and more stories in a faster-paced, more to-the-point format.

We wish everyone – especially our regular Bosch History Blog readers – a happy new year!

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