“Back then in 2005 we were all obsessed,” says Vladimir Kolomytsyn, the first general manager of the Bosch regional company in Kazakhstan, recalling how it all began in the country. “At that time, our operating unit was called BBT (Bosch Buderus) Thermotechnology. On May 1, 2005, I plunged into this work – I had to find an office, a warehouse, a training center. I had to take care of getting the office ready for operation, and I had to purchase the necessary equipment, furniture, and much more for the office, the warehouse, and the training rooms. In addition, it was necessary to prepare all the documents for the registration of the Bosch regional company in Kazakhstan.”

Vladimir Kolomytsyn and Yuri Khegai at an in-house fair, 2009

“And I was alone. I wasn’t allowed to start recruiting until after registration. I remember meeting with more than forty candidates in just one summer. I did not feel tired. I was excited. Only in November, when registration had gone through and the first associates were working in the office, did I realize that I needed a rest – and went on vacation. On the third day of my vacation, I received a call from Germany saying that our colleagues from Bosch Rexroth wanted to meet me, and a similar inquiry from Power Tools followed soon after. They wanted to see what we were doing here in Kazakhstan. And again, everything began to roll! Six months later, there were already more of us — Rexroth joined first, and then Power Tools. And in 2008 we officially became a Bosch regional company, TOO Robert Bosch.”

Inside the Bosch training center in Almaty

The Bosch Group has been present in Kazakhstan since 2008, and specializes in the distribution and sale of power tools, automotive equipment, security systems, heating systems, and energy efficient technology. The most important projects implemented by colleagues over the past 10 years include the complex of international ski jumps in Almaty, the Astana Arena stadium, the residence of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Talan Towers and Abu Dhabi Plaza multifunctional complexes. Each of these projects is of key importance for infrastructure in Almaty, and economically important for the entire republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2014, a huge power tools warehouse was opened for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. In November 2016, the Power Tools client service center commenced operation. And in January 2017, a second power tools warehouse was opened in Tengiz, eastern Kazakhstan.

Office building of the Bosch regional company in Almaty

Over the past ten years, the number of associates working for Bosch in Kazakhstan has doubled, while product sales have increased almost seven times. The company shows no signs of slowing down. “Kazakhstan is a country in a strategically important region for Bosch. Every year, we are increasing our presence in the markets of Kazakhstan and central Asia, and hope to achieve excellent results in 2018,” says Hansjürgen Overstolz, the president of Bosch Russia.

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