After several months of preparation, on April 10 1992, the contract was ready to sign: Robert Bosch GmbH and Motor Jikov a.s. in České Budějovice founded the joint venture Robert Bosch spol. s r.o., located in České Budějovice.

Messestand auf der Automobilausstellung in Prag, 1921.

Bosch booth at Prag automobile exhibition, 1921.

From as early as 1920, Bosch had a sales office in Prague to serve “clientele in the up-and-coming motor vehicle industry”. But it was only after the “Velvet Revolution” in November 1989 that the company was free to search for partners to set up manufacturing operations in the country.

Ursprünglicher Plan des Werkgeländes in Budweis, 1993.

Plan of Budweis plant, 1993.

The first Czech joint venture went into operation in České Budějovice. Bosch had joined forces with Motor Jikov, a former state-owned enterprise manufacturing fuel and air-pressure systems since the 1950s. To start with, Robert Bosch, spol. s r.o. produced air compressors. In 1995, Bosch assumed full ownership, and expanded and modernized the plant in the years that followed. In 2004, the company opened its own research and development center, and nowadays 4,000 associates manufacture components for diesel and gasoline systems – exhaust-gas treatment systems and leakage fuel lines for diesel systems and fuel-supply and air-management modules as well as injection parts for gasoline systems.


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